Ekphrasis III: Art Show Reception April 5, 6-8 p.m. Fairfield University Bookstore

The BRAG Artists, BRAG Performing Artists and the Fairfield University Bookstore are teaming up for the third annual Ekphrasis show to celebrate National Poetry Month. The exhibit will run April 1 -30th at the Fairfield University Bookstore Gallery. Original artwork will hang alongside original poems generated in response to the art.

Ut Pictura Poesis – As is painting so is poetry. — Horace

Ekphrasis is the Greek word for writing and responding to artwork, and can be traced back to Homer’s exquisite description of Achilles’ shield in The Iliad.

Below are the images of artworks that will be on exhibit in April. Our hordes of scribblers will generate poems based on many of these artworks and read them at the opening reception on Friday, April 5th.

If you notice more than one name below an image, it means that it has been selected by a BRAG poet to write about for the April show.

Balancing Act, Alan Boyd, Poem by Heidi St. Jean
Red Barn, Betty Wisse. January Wilson will be writing a poem about this painting.

Ruins on an Ancient Shore, Bruce Williams, selected by poet Ray Rauth.
After the Storm, Diane Desmond
Pale Iris, Donna Osterby-Brien
Life, Harold Davis, Poem by Christopher Madden
Atmosphere, Holly Hawthorne
Marathon, Judy Noel
Green, My New Favorite Color, Kathy Davidson
Shadows, Kris Lynch, Poem by Lisa Meserole
Another Time, Another Place, Lee Walther, poem by Sheila Weaver
Black Rock Beauty, Linda Downey
Dance of Joy, Robb Sauerhoff
A Mother’s Legacy, Artist Mary Gibbs. Janet Krauss will be writing a poem about this piece for the April show.

A Place in the Sun, Michele Hubler
Summer, Noreen Normand, Poem by Nicholas Rinaldi
My Dream Garden, Patricia Jenkins, Poem by Ida Williams
Storm Tossed Memories, Rita Daly Hannafin
Lace Field, Roe K. Field
Safe Zone?, Artist Susan Fehlinger. Poet Sunshine LovingLyfe will be writing in response to this painting for the April show.
To the Night, Teresa Carlson

Cinco de Mayo, Barbara Loss
Late Winter Sun, Jill Nichols


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